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About Us

Our Primary Purpose

Lupu Financial is a comprehensive financial planning agency that helps individuals, families, and small business owners to create "Economic Independence."

Vision and Values:

Vision and Values:

Principle-centeredness. We take a purpose-driven, goal-based approach with our clients. We are directed by goals, not timing the market, or responding emotionally to the inevitable swings that always occur.

Financial basics. We affirm and emphasize some basic economic principles different than the typical herd mentality or conventional wisdom that exists today. We do not subscribe to the belief that you can “save and skimp” your way to wealth,  and “hopefully, someday, maybe” you can retire and not outlive your money. We practice, teach, and implement concepts that have existed for over 200 years that we feel wall street has deviated from the last 40 years. We think and plan not only for taking back control of your money and cashflow today but also forward-thinking not just for your retirement but generational planning. If you keep making smart decisions, you will have success over time.

True service. Many companies will say they want to do what’s best for the client, but there are often many conflicts of interest. When we say we put our client’s interests first, we really mean it. This means that we will do what is truly in the best interest of the client, even if the incentives aren’t aligned for us. We will not do what is best for ourselves at the expense of the client.

About Frank Lupu

Client Centered

A Christian, a husband, a father, a small business owner, and an active Church member. An avid reader, researcher, and hoarder of information.

After spending his entire career in the financial services industry, constant education, and training. The most important aspects of finance that Frank has learned over the years did not come from a book or a classroom or a how-to seminar.

The greatest value of knowledge comes from our experiences. From lack of planning (it will eventually work itself out), poor handling of debt (the more you make the more you spend), failing to budget (who has time for that), and non-existent saving (I’ll start saving when I’m older and making good money), to market timing (buy high, sell low, repeat until broke), and day trading stocks and options (the latest get rich quick idea).

It is not our success nor our failures that make us who we are, but rather, it is how we respond to these successes and these failures that transform us into the people we are today.

Frank spent 1999-2007 in corporate finance with Washington Mutual and 2008-2014 with brokerage firm Edward Jones. After many years of sales quotas, limited resources, and too many conflicts of interest, Frank left for the independent advisor world where it is his own name and reputation at stake in the community.

Frank has seen the strains and challenges that money puts on marriages, families, and business owners. He has a passion to reform what once was the “American Dream” that has since turned into a nightmare. From the struggles of living paycheck to paycheck and feeling overwhelmed by debt, to the high tax burden and lack of savings which inevitably leads to feeling helpless about the future and prospects for retirement. Frank’s desire is to give back control over each client’s financial situation and their retirement.


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